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Summary in Summary in english


Summary in English

This page gives you a brief introduction to the goals of the overarching project , an overview of the individual studies and information about whom to contact to find out more.

The main objective of Grammar in Conversation: a Study of Swedish was to examine the relationship between social interaction and the structure of grammar in conversation. The project makes a Swedish contribution to a field of research that has been dominated by studies of the English language, and gives new perspectives on the structure of Swedish.

The project used several methods such as Conversational Analysis (CA) and different branches of functionally oriented grammar. The material (video and audio recordings of primarily naturally occurring interaction) was dealt with both from a microsociological interactional point of view and from a more traditional linguistic angle.

The focus was on three areas that are central to the understanding of the grammar of conversation; turn constructional units (TCUs), turn constructional methods, and discourse particles. The studies were focussing, among other things, on modality, turn openings and completions, the syntax of complex turns and TCUs, turn increments, function and scope of discourse markers, interjections, and prosody.

The four-year project was coordinated from Uppsala and then Linköping and the research was carried out by researchers from five departments at four different universities in Sweden and Finland. The project started in January 2000 and ended in December 2004.

Project members have assembled research articles in two collections, published at Studentlitteratur, the first in 2005 and the second in 2007.

A bibliography covering major parts of the literature on grammar and interaction in spoken Swedish until 2001 has been made available on the webpage, and papers produced within the project are ongoingly published on the publications page.

For more information, please contact:

Prof. Jan Anward (project coordinator)
Department of Culture and Communication (IKK)
Linköping University
SE – 581 83 Linköping
Phone: 013 - 28 40 37, Fax: 018 – 28 28 10

This project was funded by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation

Summary in English


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